DZPhoto does not collect any personally identifiable customer information from visitors to this website.

DZPhoto does not share any information with any other party.

DZPhoto does not mailshot or use email marketing.

DZPhoto does not store or retain any credit card details.

DZPhoto uses a secure credit card merchant for all credit card transactions.

Details are supplied voluntary and are only used for the correct fulfillment for the order which they were taken for.

If you have any questions regarding the use of personal data and details please call or email using the contact details available on the about page.

Any details taken as part of an order are stored securely and every effort is made to protect these details.

Under the Data Protection Act of 1998, all UK customers have the right to know what personal information is held about them on our files. Please send any queries to us at the address below.

DZPhoto  Rowstock, Mill Lane, Newbury, Berks. RG14 5QS

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